Important Questions

Important questions to DNREC and The Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) regarding dredge spray being discarded on the surrounding marshlands of Beach Cove, Slough's Gut and Joshia Cove

1. Past Slough's Gut marsh restoration efforts without sediment addition have resulted in a thriving 

  natural tidal marsh. Why would DNREC now consider altering the marsh natural hydrology and 

  thriving wildlife by adding tons of dredge material on top?


2. Has DNREC and the Army Corps of Engineers conducted an environmental impact study of the

    dredge material and the impact on Beach Cove and the marshlands that potentially would be

     impacted and covered by thousands of cubic yards of dredge material?


3. What studies have been done on the quality of the dredge material in White's Creek? Has DNREC

     and the USACE tested the dredged material which may contain PCBs, heavy metals, other toxins.  

     or excess nutrients that could alter the Beach Cove marshlands, marinelife, birdlife and wildlife?


4. Where was the dredge spoil deposited from the last dredging of Assawoman Canal?


5. What other sites would be more suitable for depositing dredge material including areas that are



6. What science is behind the decision to select Beach Cove as a potential site for the dredge spoil?

     What are the sea level projections for the area? Has Beach Cove marshland been identified as 

     being particularly low?  Have SLAMM (Sea Level Affecting Marshes Model) projections been made

     for this site?


7. Define what enhancement to this area is being suggested and why it is needed.


8. What is the plan for containing the dredge material once it has been placed?  What are the tidal

     exchange expectations?  How do you anticipate addressing the impacts of chemistry changes on

     the marsh?


9. Has the susceptibility to invasive phragmites been considered? The spraying of dredge material

     could stress the habitat and allow for phragmites to invade.


10.Has there been a review of speccies of conceern in the area and how they may be harmed by the



11. What is the timeline and approval process for permits to be issued from NOAA? From The Army

      Corps of Engineers (USACE)?


12. What are the outcomes of prior TLPs in the region? Have their been negative outcomes?  Please 

       show us those results.

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