Talking Points

It has come to our attention that Slough’s Gut is a target for dredge sludge spoil dumping from the 2022 White Creek Project.  We are strongly opposed to this use of dredge spoil in this area which is a large part of Beach Cove.  


Please note the following important points:


-We are opposed to any permitting that would allow the use of dredge spoils in Slough’s Gut


-This area is an important part of Beach Cove which is used for recreational boating, fishing, crabbing, kayaking and paddle boarding. We do not want this use interrupted  


-The use of dredge spoils to “restore” a marsh is a misnomer and would in fact degrade the existing natural environment


-We do not want thousands of cubic yards of sludge and related contaminants being aerially sprayed into Slough's Gut that will damage existing marsh and undeniably leach into Beach Cove


-Slough’s Gut is a monitored Diamondback Terrapin nesting ground that would be in grave danger from sludge deposits and this proposed long term project


-The proposed project and required use of heavy equipment in this shallow cove will have a certain negative impact on the environment and delicate marine life as well as navigation and quality of life for the recreational uses by Beach Cove and local residents


-This area is vibrant, thriving and not a degraded marsh in need of restoring


- There is only one inconclusive 2013 experiment using this sludge spraying done in Delaware which found great difficulty controlling direction and measuring the amount of sludge applied. After 3 years plants and marine life were still struggling to grow as to takes years “for the muddy water to level out across the marsh and suspended sediments to fall out of the water”


-There is no legitimate beneficial need to expand the already large existing marsh adjacent to Slough’s Gut other than convenient disposal of dredge spoil sludge


There are several other locations that are better than
Beach Cove