Beach Cove is not the place for aquaculture

Beach Cove is not the place for aquaculture

Cape Gazette
By The Hamed family
Jul 02, 2015

Navigational and environmental concerns, as well as the unique population density around Beach Cove, are very sound reasons why Beach Cove is simply the wrong place for a commercial aquaculture operation.

But what about elimination of recreational use?

Recreational use inspires so many to visit and enjoy the Inland Bays.

We have chosen to own a home in Cotton Patch Hills because Beach Cove gives us access to the Inland Bays.

This easy access and usage has inspired our kids to volunteer for the CIB over the years and to be better stewards of the Inland Bays.

Why is it that “recreational uses and users of the Inland Bays” are being ignored?

Beach Cove is one of those few special places, due to its protected nature, where a parent can take kids tubing, teach them to water ski or sail or windsurf or paddleboard.

If such a commercial oyster farming operation were to be located in Beach Cove and the five-to eight-foot-high PVC posts and floating cages were placed in what is the only real navigable part of this cove, logic would dictate that this would be an accident waiting to happen.

Beach Cove residents are not against aquaculture in the Inland Bays.

There are simply much more logical and more safe locations.

The Hamed family
Cotton Patch Hills