We have achieved an important step in preserving Beach Cove for future generations.

The State of Delaware's release of a decision on March 23, 2016 to exclude the shallow waters of Beach Cove, near Bethany Beach, from the state's plan for industrial shellfishing is a strong step toward safe and successful aquaculture in Delaware. The decision formally and publicly recognizes that Beach Cove waters are not suitable for aquaculture, while assuring Beach Cove remains one of Delaware's crown jewel recreational waterways. 


Aquaculture with floating cages and markers similar to those proposed for Beach Cove.

Communities working together to save Beach Cove for future generations

Beach Cove is in danger.

Without intervention, a 29 acre area of Shellfish Aquaculture Industry could be installed - permanently affecting the environment, wildlife, navigation, recreation, and aesthetic of this beautiful resource.

If we act now, we can save our Cove. 


Read a summary of findings prepared by Mr. Edward Launay of Environmental Resources, Inc. (ERI). ERI was retained to investigate the environmental impacts and other technical topics related to DNREC's proposal to locate 24, one-acre oyster farming plots in the southwest portion of Beach Cove. In selecting locations for the oyster aquaculture sites, the Center for the Inland Bays (CIB) and DNREC were charged with protecting the public interest, including the consideration of adverse impacts on boat navigation, public water access, water use, water quality and native biota resulting from the proposed shellfish aquaculture program.

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Our Beautiful Beach Cove

OYSTER Aquaculture
 in Beach Cove

Find out about the proposed aquaculture that could be introduced to Beach Cove.

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How you can help

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